Uncle Bill's other hobby
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Uncle Bill's other hobby is collecting the digital rights to millions of images that basically make up a large chunk of the visual history of humanity. Gates, via Corbis, Adobe and others are charging themselves with bringing digital imaging to the people. The best snippet: 'In addition to the delectable link sausages served at breakfast, Mr. Gate's keynote speech spiced up an otherwise bland show.'
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Bill is collecting the digital rights to much of humanity's history, and Michael Jackson owns the rights to pretty much every Beatle song ever made. Coincidence, or scary parallel?
posted by mathowie at 11:24 AM on November 19, 1999

Isn't it curious how you never see them together. Probably to avoid any speculative conspiracy theories. I did however, find both of them mentioned in the same paragraph in this Don Willmott article on ZDNet.

Regarding the Beatles:
'No matter how much they make, Bill Gates could buy and sell them 20 times. How's that for perspective? Heck, even Michael Jackson could only buy and sell them once.'
posted by grant at 1:31 PM on November 19, 1999

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