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There are evidently limits to the powers of the reality distortion field. The SEC appears to be immune.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 8:05 PM on September 28, 2000

Finally! It's been months since we had a good old-fashioned APPLE IS DEAD story; nice to see a hardy perennial poke its blossoms up through the soil again.

I would have bought a cube - but I don't need one. Not yet. The DV iMac was this year's tax deduction; the cube is next year's. I'm not alone in this - I talk to other professional Mac users, and they all say the cube is their next computer.

Wait for the stock to drop some more, then Buy! Buy! BUY!
posted by lileks at 10:55 PM on September 28, 2000

they must have some bizarrely optimistic market expectations: most design studios i know are busily buying as many g4's as they can. i just bought thirty g4's and thirty powerbooks for my creative staff.

we'll buy cubes when they can prove they're extensible.
posted by patricking at 1:16 AM on September 29, 2000

Damn, there's nothing like watching your entire stock portfolio (180 shares of Apple, bought in 1993) chopped in half in one day. Maybe I can afford to buy some more now. I have a feeling it's going to blast back up once OS X hits the scene next year.
posted by sjarvis at 7:51 AM on September 29, 2000

why does the cube have those dust collecting slots on the top of their box?
posted by bliss322 at 8:17 AM on September 29, 2000

that's very true. I've had to replace my slot-loading DVD drive on my iMac already after having it for only ~3 months in my somewhat dusty apartment.
posted by gyc at 9:11 AM on September 29, 2000

Apple is not a growth company. Apples revenues have gone down every year for the last five years. They are earning money now, but without revenue growth the stock price was not justified at $50.
posted by Lankershin at 11:23 AM on September 30, 2000

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