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In Fleep, a 44-page comic strip by Jason Shiga, the protagonist is trapped within a telephone booth sealed in concrete. Can he escape using what few resources are available to him?
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This is great, thanks.
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Some holes: 1.The coriolis effect doesn't manifest at the micro level he uses. 2.How does he learn the foreign language words for numbers? 3.His logic about emergency numbers doesn't really stand up. The number in the UK for example is 999 (iirc, this was chosen to stop false signals occurring when overhead cables accidentally connected).

But imaginative though, if a bit garbled at the end.
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That was great! Very well done. Also, anyone notice that the ad bar on the right hand side of this page is for an Earthquake Relief site?
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It doesn't read well in Safari... damn frames and no resize allowed.
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Wow. Very nice. Great find.
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[this is good]
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Wonderfully bizarre - thanks, LinusMines!
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Great read. It's like McGuyver meets the little yellow different guy.

For those of you having problems with the interface, here's a tip...


...and so on. ;)
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Or just jump into the image directory and browse to your heart's content.
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I think Coriolis effect is just the wrong name for what he observed. I do think you can make assessments about your latitude by observing the motion of a pendulum. Anywhere but at the poles, a pendulum will exhibit some rotational motion as well as linear motion. It's very subtle though, maybe too subtle to detect in his situation. There was a wonderful exhibit at a museum I went to, maybe the knoweldgeum in san francisco? Basically they had a bunch of blocks set up in a circle, and a big pendedulm in the middle. The pendulum swing back and forth and of course rotated just a *little* bit so that every few minutes or so it would knock over another block.

Excellent comic strip. I've forwarded it to everyone I know.
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Very cool.

The full run of Fleep will continue on the Modern Tales website.

Confused: is 42 the end or not? I didn't see anything on Modern Tales for a continuation of Fleep.

Oh, never mind: Fleep had a very successful web run on Moderntales. But the run has ended. Now you can access it here at shigabooks for FREE!!!
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I'm simultaneously thinking "wow, that was excellent given the medium and whatnot" and also "goddam, I wish this were done longer, grander, right."
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This is freaking awesome. What a bizarre comic. I love it.
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Shiga's 'Hello World' is also well worth tracking down, though it appears to be sold out from USS Catastrophe. It's an amazing interactive comic strip experience.
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This is exactly why I avoid public telephone booths.
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cortex: I know what you mean. For example, I imagine it could be made into a rather good movie. (Maybe showing some backstory in the beginning and cutting from the phone booth to the outside once in a while.)
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Seriously though, this was an awesome read. Thanks.
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I imagine it could be made into a rather good movie.

And there could be a guy pointing a gun at him, trying to get him to confess his sins!

Really, I liked the comic strip, but the, you know, 'whole story in a phone booth' thing... it's been done.
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hasn't the "guy trapped in phone booth" movie thing been done to death? people would just watch it and say "colin farrell was more believable as the trapped dude".

anyway the read was interesting. i liked the little twist at the end - but can't quite figure out why he was stuck in the specific place where he was, especially given the reason that he was trapped in the first place.

(does that make sense? don't want to give away the ending for anyone who hasn't read it, but seriously: wouldn't he have known better than to go there in the first place?)
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Really, I liked the comic strip, but the, you know, 'whole story in a phone booth' thing... it's been done.

yes, but in this story, the protagonist drinks his own pee.
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Well, I guess my ignorance of world of movies has shown again. *shrugs*
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Damn that was cool. It felt a lot like reading through the plot/walkthrough of an old text adventure game. :)
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Also really liked it, once I got into it and started willfully suspending disbelief about some of the wilder logical leaps. I mean, sure, the whole phonebook thing has been done a lot, but that's not automatically an argument for whether this actual story is good or not. If it was lame, it's lame, even if it's "innovative", and if it's good, it's good.

On the other hand, I can definitely see why a newspaper might not be crazy about running this as a "comic"--it definitely reads better all in one sitting more than it would spaced out with one strip a week, and it's definitely quiet and kinda bleak. If the editors thought they were hiring him for a bit of entertainment, I guess he probably should've talked his idea through with them a little bit more upfront.
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"Wow, this is really engrossing. I can't wait to see how it turns out..."

"That's a crazy twist! I can't wait to see the climax!"


"Oh, I guess that was the climax."
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If you want to see something about Jason's home life, check out this strip by a different artist.
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Woah that's brilliant. You see, my friends.. that's what 'art' is. Something that takes you into a different space, something that challenges you. You snarky folks have just been the victims of art.

That is all.
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Zed_Lopez: thanks for the followup strip find. That was hilarious...
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Not to be too spoily, but from where I see it...

...he was where he was beacuse he wanted his note to be found with him. He wrote (or probably had written) his note in the appropriate language for his location.

...the thing he uses is a Foucault Pendulum. It does indeed work because of the Coriolis effect. The 8-9' length he uses and the watch he has are roughly good enough for what he does. It's not great, a 3.5s period with no booster, but it will probably run for the hour (11 deg rotation) or two (21 deg rotation) that he needs.
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wow. good stuff.
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Great find...I like it a lot.
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wouldn't he have known better than to go there in the first place?

(don't keep reading if you don't want spoilers) Maybe he was expecting to be a suicide bomber and join jenny immediately. Instead he got major amnesia and spends a day and a half figuring out who he is...

I enjoyed it, although the foreign number-word thing jumped out at me, and I agree it wouldn't really work as a weekly strip. It would be a terrible movie though! It works as a comic, just not really as a strip.
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Wouldn't the number-words have been in the common-phrases section of the dictionary?
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And, by the way, thank you, this is fantastic.
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How did he pick up anything from that anyway? How did he understand the phonetics?
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A few plot holes here and there, but if you're willing to suspend your belief a bit, a very gripping read. I thought it was much better entertainment than, say, Spider Man 2. I was holding my breath the whole way though.
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That should be suspend your disbelief a bit, of course...
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