TALL Buildings
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Tall Buildings (Flash required)
posted by riffola (19 comments total)
Cool. Also, best flash loading screen ever. If you don't realize it's a loading screen, it has done its job.
posted by WolfDaddy at 8:51 AM on July 28, 2004

Jesus, even the silhouette on a Flash loading screen of the WTC is ridiculously gaudy.
posted by Stan Chin at 9:01 AM on July 28, 2004

Way to break the front page of MeFi, riffola!
posted by filmgoerjuan at 9:02 AM on July 28, 2004

Way to break the front page of MeFi, riffola!
Wait a minute, I thought you said breaking MeFi required 100px high text! You double crosser!
posted by riffola at 9:04 AM on July 28, 2004

It's not broken, it's just embiggened! Thanks, riffola.
posted by monju_bosatsu at 9:08 AM on July 28, 2004

a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man. Excellent link, riffola!
posted by psmealey at 9:12 AM on July 28, 2004

Oh, man, I can't believe Matt changed it. Boo!
posted by monju_bosatsu at 9:25 AM on July 28, 2004

Awesome site, maybe I missed something, but it would be nice if they differentiated between proposed buildings, buildings under construction and actual buildings, nice interface, and still lots of fun. But what happened, it broke the front page? I missed it.
posted by garethspor at 9:32 AM on July 28, 2004

Not sure I like this trend towards translucent, angular buildings. Number 14 in Korea looks neat in a cyberpunk sort of way. Too bad a lot of these never got past the planning stages.

I'd give the flash a C+, looks nice, good interface, but ignores browsers back/forward function, and I can't bookmark individual sections or copy text.
posted by bobo123 at 9:33 AM on July 28, 2004

When do we see the buildings like they have in Mega City One? That's all I want to know.
posted by Blue Stone at 9:57 AM on July 28, 2004

The site lives up to the design of many of the buildings featured, in that it's hopelessly ugly and ungainly. Hooray for shit design!
posted by e.e. coli at 10:27 AM on July 28, 2004

Man, that Swiss Re building is cool--I know some critics said it looks like a pineapple (and it kinda does), but it's still a really innovative and good-looking building. More importantly, it's really cleverly designed. (Great people circulation, air circulation, light distribution, etc.)
posted by LairBob at 10:52 AM on July 28, 2004

This website is a masterpiece of design. My father will love it. Thanks, riffola.
posted by tcp at 11:26 AM on July 28, 2004

Wow. Wow.
posted by Shane at 1:01 PM on July 28, 2004

Yeah, except they "forgot" the world's current tallest building, the 101-story Taipei Financial Center. It's not on their map or even mentioned anywhere. Amazing how many "world's tallest building" sites haven't added this building to their sites. Is this due to laziness or some kind of PRC campaign to reduce awareness of everything Taiwanese?
posted by Poagao at 12:30 AM on July 29, 2004

...and, of course, resounding silence when I bring it up. Amazing.
posted by Poagao at 10:32 AM on July 29, 2004

Wow I had no idea about this building. Thanks Poagao!
posted by riffola at 12:51 PM on July 29, 2004

Apparently, nobody does. Perhaps if I didn't see it every day I would "forget" as well.
posted by Poagao at 6:21 PM on July 29, 2004

1667 feet does not trump 1815 feet, antenna or no.
posted by t r a c y at 6:31 PM on July 29, 2004

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