I always wanted to be a Barbarian
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For nearly a quarter of a century Thor the Barbarian waged a lonely crusade against tyrannical bureaucracies and disempowering systems. Undaunted, he faced the monstrous social evils of our day head on, as an unsung organizational change agent... as a professional inside New York's vast mental health network. Real interview here (about a minute in) - scroll down to the Thor - LIVE link.
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Run! Save yourselves! It's too late for me - just go!
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From the Real interview:
I found after a lot of soul searching I wanted to be a Barbarian...

Awesome. You can't help but like this guy. I wonder what would happen if that Thor met this Thor.
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oh, wow! i caught what i assume must be this guy's show on MNN once (Manhattan Neighborhood Network). it was cable access gold. the first 15 minutes or more, he sort of journeyed through Central Park in an incredible, almost unbelievably boring way. Then the show morphed into a documentary of sorts where he went and visited freaks on Coney Island, and it turned out to be a really interesting show. i'll have to check out the Real interview later.
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I run into folks like this every other weekend at SCA events. They're always interesting, but the novelty does grate after awhile.
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