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Stone Cold Saddles for hard ass cyclists.
posted by srboisvert (6 comments total)
Sheldon Brown, my favorite Internet bicycle resource. He hangs out over at rec.bicycles.tech and dispenses much wisdom and humor. My favorite humorous piece by him is Evil Bicycles.
posted by caddis at 9:36 AM on August 8, 2004

Sheldon Brown is my new hero. We salute you, Mr Bicycle Man.

posted by chrid at 10:04 AM on August 8, 2004

Sheldon's a good guy, and his site is highly suggested for new cyclists.
posted by eriko at 10:25 AM on August 8, 2004

Gee, I'd buy one just to pay Sheldon back for his writing saving me from going completely curled-up-in-a-fetal-position-crying crazy when adjusting my Giant's derailer.
posted by Reverend Mykeru at 11:22 AM on August 8, 2004

I'm quite suprised that MeFites aren't more familiar with his wild antics.

I discovered him about 5 or 6 years ago, and a few years later had gone from having a Huffy to owning 6 bikes and 3 or 4 in parts. I worked as a mech in a community bike shop for a few years. I have since thinned the herd but am no less of an enthusiast.

When I visited a certian school in Boston I forced my parents to drive me out to Newton so I could meet him. He is quite a character. He has a wonderful web-based Cyclopedia built up, and I really wish he would learn modern web design.
posted by blasdelf at 7:18 PM on August 8, 2004

I found his site extremly useful when I built the wheels on my bike.
posted by jeblis at 9:52 AM on August 9, 2004

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