The daily adventures of mixerman are back
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The daily adventures of mixerman are back. Mixerman has started posting a new set of diary entries about his recording sessions with an anonymous band. His original diary (discussed here) is now available in hardcover.
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Nice! I was hoping he'd start again. The first ones are great.
posted by gottabefunky at 10:09 AM on August 12, 2004

Is it the same band his earlier diaries talked about, or a new one? I must have spent an entire workday reading those.
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woo-hoo! thanks! i was ADDICTED to his last diary. i'm planning on buying the book.
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I really liked the first diary, but the entries in this one so far seem like too much detail and too little action. But then again, I've got a bit of a short attention span when it comes to reading. Still, I'm psyched to read some more.
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yeah... this one is not nearly as engaging of a read. But he certainly is capturing the tedium of a recording session well.

BTW - what band was being recorded in the original series?
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bluno - Nobody Knows. The band's identity, as well Mixerman's, has been the subject of great speculation on various industry forums. Apparently a bunch of pros know who he is, but they're not telling.
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And I agree - these installments are very boring. The first were riveting. These not so much. He spent three paragraphs talking about the producer's couch, for the love of pete.
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He's just getting started, folks, give him a chance to find his rhythm once again.

About the band: I think that Mixerman pretty much admitted that the Bitch Slap sessions and his diaries documenting them were fictional. If I remember this correctly, he wrote a post some time towards the end of the previous batch that said, in essence, that the point of the diaries was to serve as a guide to aspiring recording engineers, illustrated and kept lively with anecdotes compiled from across his career. And so you have illustrations of the truly awful assistant (Lance, in the first week or two), the adequate assistant (Lance again, after learning a thing or two) and the excellent assistant ("Rod", from the New York sessions).

So I wouldn't be surprised to hear that many of the details are true, but I'd bet that they didn't all happen in the same set of sessions. (And either way, the first batch of diaries was fantastic reading. )
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Woo, Mixerman! Can't wait to read more....
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[this is good]
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