A Dutchman at Google
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A Dutchman at Google. His blog has some gems: a glimpse into life as an Google engineer, and a brief history of searching (going a short way into the future). Some of his projects are neat: Google talks, Google tells you the best time to visit any place. And he has a little Google joke: type "bush's foreign friends" into Google and click [I'm Feeling Lucky]
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that's good....one of the perks of being inside? (and did he make out like a bandit in the IPO?)
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Cool, thanks for the link iffley. I wish I had known about this blog sooner being that I too work at Google, though not as an engineer. Those crazy characters.

And it's probably obvious, but he'd be in big, big trouble if he discussed anything regarding the IPO on his blog. Quiet period, and such.
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This is nifty.
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Won't Google index this page soon, and therefore break the joke?
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for some reason it said between "may and october" as the best time to visit the bathroom...man, i fear for how bad i'll have to go starting in november.

As for the engineering comments i have to say he's pretty right on, and i'm not even comp sci.
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so how many googlers ARE there here, anyway? there are at least three!
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I don't mean to sound like a killjoy, but isn't his little trick about "Bush's foreign friends" a little bit of an abuse of power? Considering how many people rely on Google.
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