Open Your Eyes, and Focus On Your World
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Focus On Your World. A beautiful collection of photographs from the Focus On Your World competition put on by the United Nations Environment Programme. They are beautiful, stunning, charming, and, at times, wonderfully common. The thing to remember is that each of these photos is someone else’s daily life.

A fantastic exhibition of these photos is currently on display at--of all places--Heathrow Airport, thanks to the support from BAA and HP.
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Absolutely top hole.
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Very wonderful photographs. I find it strange that there is no info on the photographers, though. And for most of them, they give only the initial on the first name, so it's hard to look many of them up. I did track down Hinrich Baesemann, though, who took the photo of the leaping polar bear in the "Water" set. Here is a fabulous collection of his photography.
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Fantastic addition; thanks taz!
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Nice first post. Thanks HopefullyYourselfAtALaterDate!
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great stuff...thanks!
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wonderful collection, nice find for a first post, NotMyselfRightNow - kudos ;-)
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Beautiful! Thanks NMRN and Taz.
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These are gorgeous. They make my photofinger itchy. Thanks for sharing.
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