Arrggg!!! LA NBC is showing baseball!
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Arrggg!!! LA NBC is showing baseball! I should have figured that people in Southern California would be more interested in watching sports than the debates.
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I love you gsxl, but this is a lousy post.
posted by ericost at 6:54 PM on October 3, 2000

Turn the channel, it is on every other station. Gore looks way too much like Eleanor Roosevelt, what the hell happened to that man?
posted by thirteen at 6:57 PM on October 3, 2000

Go Yankees!!!!!
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I cannot believe how much I hate these jokers. I hate their boring stuttering speeches, I hate their strutting and smug laughing at each other, desperately hoping I will laugh along at the other guy's stupidity. I hate dumb buzz words like lockbox (tho I also hate when people fall back on phrases like "dimes worth of difference"). Lets call off the election and let them both be president for 2 years. They can wear black hoods and not tell us who is president first and we can all try and guess who is in office in whatever year it happens to be.
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Didn't NBC the network play baseball rather than the debate? I thought so, although I didn't even check our NBC affiliate. I think we already covered this on MeFi as well, although, like gsxl, I'm too lazy to search backposts for the link.
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NBC gave each station the choice, and then showed the debate on MSNBC. The game here was New York vs. Oakland, so I assume most of the East and West coast cities chose it. I know we got the game on both Hartford and NYC channels.
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It is the playoffs or something isn't it? Thats definately more important than some lousey debate. Just my opinion.
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