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Crush - an article by Brendan Eliason (assistant winemaker at the David Coffaro Winery) that explains in plain English what it takes (mechanically speaking) to put out a good bottle of red wine.
posted by Irontom (3 comments total)
Nice article! Here are some pictures of vines, different winery contraptions and bottling of a small winery in France, from Dean Allen.
posted by plemeljr at 9:26 AM on August 27, 2004

Nifty site IronTom! I'll be adding this to my read list.

"When in doubt, add more wine."
posted by onhazier at 1:09 PM on August 27, 2004

Thanks Irontom. I have just started daily monitoring of my grapes (about 20%). I love how wine making is about the same process no matter the scale.
posted by arse_hat at 10:22 PM on August 27, 2004

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