Because I Don't Want to Think About A Gay GWB
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The Official Web Site of the Zipcode Man will help us clear our mental palates.
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Because I don't want to spend the evening imagining George W. Bush having sex with anyone. At all.
posted by mmahaffie at 4:13 PM on September 4, 2004

lol! : >

so is he a savant, or just weird? and couldn't you just recite 5-digit numbers in order?
posted by amberglow at 4:27 PM on September 4, 2004

I usually cynically scoff at these sort of buskers, but I happened to see this guy's act (ok, my nephew forced me to stop), and I was amazed. He could do any zip code, and foreign countries, too. Plus his jokes were not totally geeky (in the cirucs meaning).
posted by Duck_Lips at 4:51 PM on September 4, 2004

He was just written up in Boulder's paper, The Daily Camera, a few days ago.
posted by shinybeast at 9:03 PM on September 4, 2004

It'd be funny if he had managed to do them all except 90210. But otherwise, no, not too funny. ;-)
posted by wackybrit at 9:28 PM on September 4, 2004

I always wondered what 'zip' code stood for, and now I know.

The emptines still persists.
posted by xmutex at 12:04 AM on September 5, 2004

The moral of this story? If you can't juggle as well as the other guys, memorize the zipcode.
posted by shinybeast at 2:49 AM on September 5, 2004

That man sure loves his sweater.
posted by MegoSteve at 9:10 AM on September 5, 2004

This guy is a Boulder fixture...awesome.
posted by ghastlyfop at 6:18 PM on September 5, 2004

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