This is just disturbing.
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This is just disturbing. A baby boy "was stolen from his slain mother's womb by another woman, who passed the baby off as her own until she killed herself under police scrutiny." The references to similar cases at the bottom of the article, especially the one involving the car keys, are quite messed up as well. The content is somewhat graphic - be advised.
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Oh my gosh, a car key?!?! (Read the article and you'll understand!) Oh geez. That is really really really disturbing (as if the story in question wasn't bad enough). I find it really scary that this is something people think is a good idea. I'm going to go hide under my bed now.
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I think the Chicago incident was worse, personally, though a car key is sick enough.

The really horrifying part with the Chicago incident mentioned in passing in the article was the maddening lack of remorse shown by the perpetrators. Sick, sick, sick.
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I felt like I was punched in the stomach when I read this. (Taken from my point of view - that of a brand new father). There are ugly, brutal people in this world. That just plain sucks.
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I'm confused.

Thomas Bica, 41, a corrections officer for the county sheriff, was questioned and released Tuesday.

If he was boasting about the baby boy, without having been at the "birth," then he should be an accomplice, shouldn't he. No, I'm no lawyer, but wouldn't he be arrested, not released.

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If you really want to know more, there's lots of news - hell, too much news at Cleveland Live.
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Thomas Bica must be a damn good liar, or the most stupid man on earth.
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You may have already heard of this, but its' a popular Urban Legend.

A friend told me a story where a couple who was vacationing in Mexico or someplace in South America. They were walking through a city with their child, who was about a year or two old. The child managed to get separated from his parents and they were unable to find him for about a day. They called the police, who tried to help them find their son.

The following day, the mother went back to the apartment, only to find that a man inside holding her child, wrapped up in a blanket so that only its face was exposed. Shocked to see the mother, he tossed the child to her and left as quickly as he could. He was later captured by police, I think.

What the mother found was that her child was not only dead, but that the toddler's insides were removed and replaced with bags of cocaine/hashish/whatever have you. The guy planned on smuggling the drugs though the child. Once they reached their destination, they'd take out the drugs and dump the corpse somewhere.

That's the Urban Legend I know of.
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It's also a plot element in the excellent novel Song of Kali by Dave Simmons.
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