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It's Labor Day today. (newsfilter)
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No it's not.
posted by Jimbob at 8:21 PM on September 6, 2004

Although US workers are more productive* than their European counterparts, it is because US workers work more hours over the course of the year. (Those damn Europeans and their month long vacations.)

*slightly old but still relevant.
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Sigh - yeah it was labour day I think. Currently 2:08 am MST and I have been labouring away for nearly 48 hours solid, with only 2 seperate 3-hour sleep breaks.

Almost three quarters finished - however. Man I should never leave these things until the weekend before the deadline.

Nevertheless, I have to disagree with the "more hours = more productive" equation.

Sure, one can pull gigs like this once in awhile. But studies have repeatedly shown that in reality (at least in office environments) after a certain threshold of time has been spent, people end up just putting in face-time at the office. Or they tend to spend more time on activities unrelated to the task at hand (MeFi) - giving their mind a break from the stress, but generally "increasing" the hours spent at the office. Of course, I am too lazy to back any of these up with Google links, hmm do we at MeFi still consider wikipedia to be "authoritive"?

Gotta go, I've taken far too much of a break - its now 2:14am (2:20 after preview) and I must get back to my labouring...
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Labor's Love Lost
posted by homunculus at 9:10 AM on September 8, 2004

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