you're a rat, see?
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Who's A Rat? "Largest online database of informants and agents." 407 profiles and counting.
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I took the name of one of their "Rats of the Week", tried to search on it, got no hits.
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It would be more interesting if there were more information. We're all used to seeing Law and Order and CSI 3 hours a day, we need to know the gritty details.

For some real entertainment, however, take a look at the second entry on the message board. Now, if the Democrats really want to match the GOP in rolling around in the mud and filth, someone (MoveOn, Texans for Truth?) should make a link between George Bush Sr., and drug dealing in U.S. innercities. Sr. was CIA director 75-76. It wouldn't take that much effort to find something tying the CIA to drug trafficking in that period. Why does it matter? The qualification that got W in the White House is his daddy. Without his name, no way he beats McCain, let alone Gore. You don't get even with Rove by attacking the President. Tarnish the beloved paternal source of authority for Bush jr and you start to draw real blood.
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There are some interesting items in the "Top Secret Documents" section...
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