Is that....Batman?
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Batman save the Queen Apparently, crime-fighting superheroes are alive and well in London, and they're not happy. Batman was protesting on behalf of Fathers 4 Justice group, which is campaigning for greater custody rights for divorced or separated fathers.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: holy spam link, batman!

Ehrm, that link doesn't seem to work. You mean this story ? Was he the same guy that was on the Millenium Wheel ?
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The Fathers 4 Justice protesters did something similar with Spiderman about a year ago. I'm not sure if the whole superhero thing is really advancing their cause, but it does seem to make the headlines.

Spiderman's name was Chick, and this guy's name is Hatch. Coincidence? I don't think so.
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This photo helps.

The protest was intended (according to John Snow of Channel 4 News) to also highlight the appearance in court today of another "Fathers for Justice" activist, Michael Hammond. In May, he allegedly impersonated a police officer in hoax calls and caused a bit of a nuisance to those in charge of security at Windsor Castle.

More interesting to me (and to C4 news) are the possible political implications of yet another security cock-up at a Royal residence. Previous failures include: the highjinks of "comedy terrorist", Aaron Barschak the man who gategrashed Prince William's birthday bash last year dressed as Bin Laden... in drag. Another more serious breach occured when a Daily Mirror journalist managed to get a job in Buckingham Palace without anyone realising he was a published hack and thus an obvious security risk. The fact he managed to get a close view on the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as they welcomed President Bush - courtesy of some fake job references - put a bit of a fire under Mr. Blunkett and forced him to make an emergency statement to Parliament.

It looks like he's going to have to do the same again tomorrow.

*For those not too sure who David Blunkett is, he has a beautiful guide dog, an endearingly naive smile and is a man who's done amazingly well despite being blind. I'd like to like him. Given that he has proposed some decidedly illiberal changes to domestic policing and security means however that I don't. He's rightward leanings have even prompted a site - "Big Blunkett" - to come to life with the sole purpose of monitoring the "threat he poses to civil liberties in the UK." Quite an achievement for a Labour Minister.

One particularly revealing policy has been discussed previously here.

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Fathers 4 Justice are the group that threw purple flour filled condoms at Tony Blair during Prime Minister's Questions. This is a group that seems to be pretty good at getting attention.
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Personally, I think if they're going to pick superheroes, then they could at least stay within either the DC or the Marvel universe.

And isn't it a little bit ironic that this is a group which says that it is in the best interest for a child to know his/her father, whilst at the same time publicising these policies with well known "strong" orphans.
Who's next? Superman?
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They mixed the old-style batman (ala Adam West)
and the new-style Robin (ala Chris O'Donnell) costumes.
That could have been better, but still kinda impressive.
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