Mountaintop Removal Mining - High Resolution
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Mountaintop Removal Mining. Now in High Resolution. Some amazing pictures of this mining process.
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I've been reading the Monkey Wrench Gang, and these pictures help illustrate some of the points made in the book. Thanks.
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this is the way we rape the land,
rape the land,
rape the land,

this is the way we rape the land
so early in the morning
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I wonder how many Whitesville, W. Va., residents living directly downstream from this remember the mess recounted on page four here? I'd guess you'd just have to put those thoughts out of your mind if you lived there.
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[in my best john denver whine]

Almost heaven,
West Virginia,
Blue Ridge mountains,
Shenandoah river,
Life is old there,
Older than the trees ....

HEY!! WTF did the trees go?!?!
And wasn't there a mountain there yesterday?
Welcome to the moon, baby!
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Ive driven through even more impressive ones in south-west CO near Durango. Seeing in person is nearly a religious experience for the sheer scale, and it contains a beauty that is undeniable. Mining operations are, and have been for thousands of years, some of the biggest polluters of water because they leak toxins for 100s of years long after the mine is closed.
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Case in point, this place, right upstream of my namesake. pH values of -3.6.. Good times, good times... Anyone thirsty?
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Those were some pretty cool pictures.
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As disturbing as strip-mining is, I must admit I have a morbid fascination with giant pieces of machinery like draglines and the giant dump trucks they fill up with a single bucketload. Those things are f'ing humongous giant-sized monster mountain eaters.
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