The future, Conan?
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Location Free Media. Hot on the heels of the wireless city post, I ran across this still in development site for an upcoming product ("boo! product post!! boooooo!"). Whether this specific bit of hardware makes it or falls on the Betamax heap of history is inconsequential; what matters is that someday, we will all think nothing of being able to access our music, movies, DVR'd content, etc worldwide, which is a pretty cool idea.
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This is good, I often find my media habits interrupted by life.
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I like cables.
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I saw this at CableLabs a few months ago and it's very cool. The portable flatpanel had a hideable control layout that sent info back over 802.11 to an ir-blaster setup.

In short, you could wander round with a flat panel that let you watch video from and control your replay/tivo. The base unit had a standard tuner in it, so normal cable/broadcast worked that way.

I'm a few beers deep, so please excuse spelling etc.
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I like how in all the product shots, it's a guy holding it, with an attractive girl in the room getting ignored. I wonder how long she'll put up with that...
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Well spotted endquote.

I like the parallax effect they use to fake perspective and camera movement. Very retro. Unfortunately, it only makes me want to code something like that myself, it doesn't make me want to buy the product. ^_^
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Nice concept. Too bad it's Sony.
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Yeah, so did the future arrive, and we just didn't see it, or something?

(I guess I didn't notice because we still don't have one of these yet.)
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