All Their Magic Kingdoms are Burning
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All Their Magic Kingdoms are Burning , from The Parking Lot is Full comic strip.
posted by lagado (5 comments total)
lagado, do you have any information about the people that do this strip or anything?

That was very striking.
posted by capt.crackpipe at 1:07 PM on October 10, 2000

There's plenty of information about McLaren and Spacek on the site. Look under "Features."

While they have a tiresome tendency to get preachy and heavy-handed, a tendency of which the "Magic Kingdoms" installment is an unfortunate example, they have their moments of surreal brilliance. Some of my personal favorites include:

All the history books will be written in Chicken

Terrified, I dimly felt myself begin to flush

NASA is bringing something back. Something red.
posted by kindall at 3:40 PM on October 10, 2000

Yes, maybe, although I liked their last installment. I liked all the ones you highlighted, kindall. Infact, I like most of their strips.

capt.crackpipe, check out the Features section of their site.

Here's a somewhat more disturbing one on a similar theme.

posted by lagado at 5:58 PM on October 10, 2000

PLIF is probably my favorite comic ever...
No other comic puts deepness in with pure insanity...

I'd love to mention a few of my favorites... but I'd never be able to stop... they're all good...
posted by Bane at 8:36 PM on October 10, 2000

I love the Eat The Stick strip. The ones about Anubis and Cookie Monster are pretty good, too, IMHO.
posted by CrayDrygu at 9:25 PM on October 10, 2000

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