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Metrosexuality is out. Asexuality is in.
Sure, you can joke about it, but there are Asexual support groups and even asexual dating services. And don't confuse it with celibacy/abstinence, unless you call it Involuntary Celibacy.
One survey says 1% of Brits are asexual, (it also counts only 3% with 'same-sex attraction'), but the online poll CNN attached to its story on the subject is running 6% Asexual.
Some will still consider it a 'curable condition' that is often caused by other medications. And even when you think you've got a fix, maybe not. And by the way, people you expect to be oversexed may be the opposite.
And, for the record, that anatomically incorrect puppet sex scene in "Team America" is NOT Asexual Porn.
thanks to Cory and the Boingers

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this stuff just really turns me on.
posted by quonsar at 5:38 PM on October 18, 2004

Sad sacks.
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Metrosexuality is out. Asexuality is in.

No, retrosexuality is in.
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I had a friend (a guy) back in the late seventies who was in this category. He was neither attracted to women or men in "that way."

There was nothing wrong with him lookswise, personality wise, or any other wise...he just wasn't attracted to either sex. It was a bit frustrating for him, as he wondered if something was wrong with him.
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They say Mayor Koch was asexual, but most of us just think closet case.
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You might be a Retrosexual..."
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Tungsten, does that have anything to do with the Scissor Sisters?
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Isn't (or wasn't -- not sure if it's still true) Morrissey openly asexual? I always figured that antidepressants had something to do with it.

Interesting post -- thanks, wendell!
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Just doing my part to put larger gaps between the political threads... this has been a pretty good day for the (dare I say it?) Apolitical...
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[...]he ended up having a relationship with the girl - a sexless one, of course. “We had a physical relationship, more intimate in a lot of ways. We hugged each other a lot.”

I'm not at all accusing these people of being autistic, but this statement really reminds me of the title essay in Oliver Sacks' book "An Anthropologist on Mars", where the subject--an autistic woman--spurns all sexual contact, but buys herself a comfort-providing device used in the cattle-killing industry that she lays in while it presses her between two soft and confining plates.

This was a really interesting article. Thank you, wendell.
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Uhh... this is actually a surprise to you all?

"OH MY GOD" cried the advertisers "Our porn-esque ads no longer have 100% effectiveness".
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interrobang: assuming it's the same woman, Temple Grandin, she didn't go out and buy a squeeze-o-matic. She designed/built it and then extended the idea to animals.

She's a PhD animal-scientist who designs livestock handling systems and more humane slaughter systems. She has a page up.
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Yes, I think that's right, RUO_Xenophobe. It's been a couple of years since I read the book.
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How about "women are too insane, men are too gross, and I'm so tired of my left hand I'm about to just detach my penis throw it in the bay and become a eunuch cuz the whole thing sucks what heinous god came up with this crap and why are there diseases and babies involved it's the dumbest concept ever screw it i'm taking up basket weaving to hell with all of you." What kinda sexuality would that be?
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Sounds like Wendellsexuality to me...
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I bet this is all somehow related to the rise of cuddle parties.
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I am asexual. Not by choice, you understand.
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Well researched, interesting topic. Thanks, wendell.
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I am asexual. Not by choice, you understand.

I think the term you're looking for is autosexual. :-)
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I'd like like to point people specifically to AVEN's FAQs, links section, and (fascinating) discussion forums (including cuddle parties, gyc).

The founder of AVEN is a college acquaintance of mine--having some idea how hard he's worked, it's great to see asexuality taking off in visibility.
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