Fred Flintstone: Rockefeller Republican, Nixon Supporter
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Political Leanings of Selected Cartoon Characters Did you know that Mickey Mouse is an extreme right-wing Republican (some say even a John Bircher)? (brought to you from way way back in 1996, as a result of this thread)
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From the comments page: John Kelso, August 8, 1996
I love this page! Many other characters come to mind. I hope you don't mind my sending some along.

Rocky & Bullwinkle, as everyone knows, are also both New Deal-era liberals. They knew Walter Mondle back in Frostbite Falls, MN, and campaigned for him throughout the state during the '72 election. A monogomous same-sex couple for the last 30 years, they live quietly in their home town, and are accepted by the locals for what they are.

Boy, we were easily amused back then, huh? : >
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Woody Woodpecker is of course an anti-enviornmentalist conservative. All the tree-huggers get in the way of his pecking.
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Make these flash cartoons lean... Slap the Candidate.
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Heckle and Jeckle lost their jobs to atheistic socialism.
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The descriptions do ring true, but AAAAAAAGGGHHH the freaking pattern background behind the text! Did we ever think this was a good idea?
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At least there weren't any midis or blinking, no?

and homunculus--whoa! : >
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How many of you knew that Doraemon works for the FCC?

FCC website
Fan site
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