Yeah, I'm a geek - but I've got company!
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Don't Forget to Pack the Scimitar (NYT Link): Mainstream media covers Live Action Role Playing in a way that makes us sound only a little like freaks.
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We have some of these uber-geeks on campus. One night last summer I came out of the office about 8pm and there were 20-30 of them running around in full gear, cloaks, giant fake swords, etc, just outside my office. They used to hang around in what had previously been a quiet coffee bar talking loudly about how they pretend to be vampires. Happily they seem to have disappeared recently.
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Hubba hubba...
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People who play golf where pastel shirts and funny shoes with spikes. And special gloves. They drive around in tiny little cars planting flags. They talk about golf, using terms that are foreign to outsiders, and read books and magazines about golf. They join special clubs where non-golfers aren't welcome. They think about golf every day, and if they do badly at golf, they get upset. People waste as much or more time, money and effort playing golf than these people do pretending to be wizards and vampires. The only reason you would portray one hobby as being normal and the other as being freakish is that you let clich├ęs do your thinking for you.
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OK, so golf and live action role playing are dumb. What else?
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Well, I never liked Cryptoquotes.
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