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Highway Route Markers collects highway signs from around the world. The Upstate New York Roads Site lists (and reproduces) every exit sign for many of the state's freeways. Let me reiterate: Every. Exit. Sign. The net has something for everyone, even those of us with an unhealthy obsession with road signs.
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You'd be surprised - roadgeeking is quite a popular hobby. We They have their own newsgroup and everything.

Here's a few pages similar in scope to the ones you linked: 1 2, 3. And for scholarship and history, you can't beat and
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Oh, and don't forget Kurumi (who's a user here). Dan Hartung is (was?) also an active M.T.R. participant.
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Nice post.
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Related: Typographica on ClearviewHwy, the new font for road signs.
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If you're a true road geek, you'll have your own copy of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (download here,) and, more importantly, your own Standard Highway Signs, in full color! (download here.)

As someone who occasionally uses these at work, I can say I don't want to have anything to do with them in my non-work life...
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Aww, I thought it was going to have pictures. I was about to get Nostalgic...
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Thanks, mcwetboy - and that ClearviewHwy site is a *perfect* combination of transit and font nerdiness!
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