Breast Cancer
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Talk about having a bad day: On the same day that she found out her husband was out of a job, Elizabeth Edwards found out she had breast cancer.
posted by Secret Life of Gravy (16 comments total)
Well, crap. She seems like a good egg. On the other hand, everyone under 60 I know with breast cancer is doing well.

And you just know the doctors are going to be treating her with the utmost of care, considering what she and her husband do for a living.
posted by Sidhedevil at 10:48 AM on November 4, 2004

Oy vey. Hope it was an early-catch. That has to be devastating.
posted by dhoyt at 10:49 AM on November 4, 2004

I hope they caught it all in time. Awful.
posted by amberglow at 10:55 AM on November 4, 2004

I think the loss of the election might be a good thing for her. It will allow them to focus on getting her healthy.

A crappy day but hopefully she'll come through it okay and I'm sure, as Sidhedevil says, she'll be getting the best possible care.
posted by fenriq at 11:05 AM on November 4, 2004

I guess it offers her a certain amount of perspective, but that kind of perspective I don't wish on anyone. Get better, EE.
posted by luser at 11:16 AM on November 4, 2004

Prayers going out.
posted by RavinDave at 11:37 AM on November 4, 2004

I hope she beats it.

Imagine the publicity she could have brought to breast cancer research if her husband had been elected.
posted by fletchmuy at 12:53 PM on November 4, 2004

I didn't realize her husband was out of a job. Did he get recalled?

I hope she gets through it okay.
posted by eyeballkid at 3:47 PM on November 4, 2004

I've seen breast cancer take its toll.

I hope she beats it.
posted by tomcosgrave at 4:35 PM on November 4, 2004

I bet this puts losing the election in some perspective...
posted by orange swan at 4:46 PM on November 4, 2004

Breast cancer is horrible, earth-shattering. I was a rather put off by the flip humor of the "what a bad day" context you gave it, gravy; and surprised, but I really like your posts. I'm sure many of those readers whose lives have been impacted by cancer feel the same way. Please show some respect. And for what it's worth, Edwards was probably diagnosed before and just went public with it after the election. If she caught it early, she'll likely beat it.
posted by squirrel at 5:08 PM on November 4, 2004

Senator Edwards is out of a job -- but not yet. IIRC, he is not seeking re-election.
posted by davidmsc at 5:37 PM on November 4, 2004

Burr elected to Edwards's seat. Kerry isn't up for re-election until 2008.
posted by dhartung at 7:00 PM on November 4, 2004

and George is getting a puppy
posted by lilboo at 7:27 PM on November 4, 2004

Oooo squirrel, I'm sorry you thought that was disrespectful.

I meant it in complete earnestness: She had the test the week before and the results came in on Wednesday. The same day that she and her husband found out that he wasn't going to be Vice President of the United States with a shot at being President some day. Thus ending two years of hard work and dreams.

So now, not only does she have to begin her treatment, possibly involving months of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation which means physical debilitation, she has to worry about comforting her family, taking care of the oh yeah...figure out with her husband what they are going to do with the rest of their lives.

I was horrified by this story. And If I was the praying type, I would be praying. At the very least, she gets a card of support.
posted by Secret Life of Gravy at 6:59 AM on November 5, 2004

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