Chain Letters in History & The Paper Chain Letter Archive
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Luck Chain Letters Predecessors: Ancient documents that advocate their own perpetuation. The Letters from Heaven. Transitions to chain letters.--from Chain Letter Evolution, which is part of the Paper Chain Letter Archive via History News Network's Cliopatria
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neat, y2karl. the fact that chain letters [or "letters from heaven" or similar missives] have been extant for centuries is a bit depressing... too bad there site is focused entirely on paper chain letters. [i'd be interested to see similar studies on chain letters circulated via email]

the index of graffiti from the UCSB and UCLA libraries is also amusing, if off-topic.
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This comment was sent to you for good luck. It has been around the world nine times. This is no joke. y2k received this comment and lost it because he broke the chain. While in the Philippines, Gene Wolfe lost his wife six days after receiving this comment. He failed to circulate the comment. However, before her death she had obtained a MetaFilter membership.

Please make twenty copies of this comment and see what happens in four days. The chain comes from South Venezuela and was written by Saul Anthony Decroi, a missionary from South America. Since the copy must make a tour of the world, you must make twenty copies and post them on your friends and associates weblogs.

After a few days you will find your spam email drops to nothing. This is true even though you are not superstitious. So note the following: Contantine Dens received this comment in 1958. He asked his secretary to make twenty copies and post them to Fark and usenet. A few days later he won a lottery of two million dollars. Matthew Haughey, a social software designer received this comment and forgot it had to leave his hands within 96 hours. He lost his job. Later, after finding the letter again he posted the comment twenty times. A few days later he got a better job.
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Hey, mwhybark--major, major Northern Lights in Seattle tonight. Pass it on.
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Y2Karl, your title tags are DOPE!, yo!
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