A bit of the ol' ultra-violence
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Whack Your Boss. Finally, a place to express your rage without harming a soul. Whack your boss, here in cyberspace, so you don't have to. The challenge: Find 50 seven ways to leave whack your boss. [Flash]
posted by Ljubljana (9 comments total)
Just use the stick, Rick
Make a big dent, Brent
Doesn't take much gall, Paul
Just get him in the knee

Stab him in the nuts, Russ
He might let out a loud cry
Kick him in the head, Fred,
And skip off merrily
posted by GooseOnTheLoose at 1:55 AM on November 24, 2004

What are teh 7 video game he plays afterwrards,

I picked out burger time (i think)
posted by MrLint at 5:31 AM on November 24, 2004

Ok the cup is space invaders (1)
monitor is a tape of the ocean (2)
ruler - unknown (3)
hands - pac man (4)
stapler - donkey kong (5)
garbage can - tape of the ocean (6)
cabinet door - donno (7)
posted by MrLint at 5:37 AM on November 24, 2004

Ruler is pong I believe.
posted by ae4rv at 6:14 AM on November 24, 2004

Cabinet door is frogger.
posted by meh at 6:38 AM on November 24, 2004

Cute. I liked the Cleaner.
posted by Faint of Butt at 7:21 AM on November 24, 2004

You can also Draw your Boss.
posted by naxosaxur at 8:55 AM on November 24, 2004

Wow. This is by the guy who does doodie.com, a site must have first visited in 1997 or '98. I had no idea it was still around. That means this guy has been drawing a little poop-related animation every day for the last *six years*.
posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld at 11:15 AM on November 24, 2004

This almost warrants a NSFW tag, just not in the usual way. I suppose with a title like Whack Your Boss, I should have seen that one coming, eh?

(not that any of this stopped me from playing with glee, hunched over the monitor in my cubicle. if they only knew...)
posted by rooftop secrets at 3:43 PM on November 24, 2004

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