Better art through computing
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Setpixel has undergone several revisions since last it appeared here. A little leaner, more focused on Processing, but still a lab for interesting, impressive and downright funky technological art (QuickTime, Flash required to view demos).
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Hmmm. Boring. Especially all these video gimmicks/effects are pretty lame - this is all stuff that has been done before with less sophisticated equipment by artists like Nam June Pike. Electronic installations have hardly progressed in the last 10 years - most interactive stuff/ideas have been explored before and seen on exhibitions like ARS electronica or Documenta.

Usually these 'artists' either grab some video signal or sensory input, twist it in some effect machine and spit it out on some sort of screen or beamer. Usally in some form of weird colours, sampled sounds or images. The other form of installation is some beeping, retro space ship looking gizmo. Call it senseless data twirling.

Thank God that so called cyberspace installations are out of fashion (they have been big in the late 90s) with the usual set of VPL Larnier Goggles.

I guess this kind of art has long been eclipsed by commerical games and video tools, like the PlayStation Dance Map or the Eye Toy.
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Well, pre-emptively declaring your link a double post makes it okay then.
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jjg: Every link in the nearly three-year-old post was broken.

Damned if I use the search, damned if I don't.
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That's a pun on Sex Pistols, right? Pretty good name.
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Damned if I use the search, damned if I don't.

"First you don't want me to get the pony, now you want me to take it back. Make up your mind "
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