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Leviathan was a dark, disturbing, and pretty thought-provoking comic written by Peter Blegvad, starring a faceless child named Levi.
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Interesting, and well done. I liked the seeks parent one. It's based on a much older fable.
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Americans familiar with the nonplussing nature of American comics in the b&w pages may be into knowing that Blegvad's comic strips appear weekly in British papers--I think specifically the UK Guardian, though I'm not sure.

He's also behind amateur.org.uk,a site with some interesting art & poetic philosophizing that hasn't been updated since 2001.
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Any cartoon that includes an odd Kinks reference is at least going to catch my attention. I like how his drawing style combines a few different elements - the end result is like some kind of Chester Brown, Chris Knox, and Gary Panter hybrid. Thanks for posting the link, to me Blegvad has always just been the weird musician that worked with Andy Partridge.
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Actually, I found him through the Partridge connection, and the esteemed members of the Chalkhills mailing list. Now I need to turn up some of his music.
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There is a collection of the strips available in a hardcover book. I'm not sure if it is absolutely complete but it is fairly long. The book presentation, binding, design, etc., itself is nice and the strips build as you read them.
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"In the CLEAR LIGHT of DAY, Levi's SYNESTHESIA abates."

Nice punchline.

Kiki Bouba [Longer Explanation BBC Version, and PBS Version]
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Peter Blegvad is awesome. He was also in Slapp Happy, and has some decent solo albums.

The book collection isn't complete. alas.
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