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Dapper dresser Charles Teenie Harris, though known as one shot, shot more than 80,000 pictures in his hometown of Pittsburgh. During a forty-year career with The Pittsburgh Courier he shot ordinary people, jazz legends, Negro league baseball players, and the town. A great life that ended on a sour note.
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What's the "baseball players" link? (The rest of the pictures look great, thanks)
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I cringe everytime I here stories like this. I detest predetory animals that pray on the eldery. But........

This really didn't end on a sour notes. The court ruled in the family's favor and awarded them control over the prints and negative, not to mention a huge monetary judgment. Plus, they sold the collection to the Carnegie Museum of Art, paid by an undisclosed sum with a grant from the Heinz Family Fund (go Teresa go).
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Second try baseball players

"This really didn't end on a sour note" Well it's great for posterity and for the family but I still think it was a sad end for CTH.
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nobody else getting that?
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criticalbill, I'm getting that too, as well as:

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"E" Anywhere in record and only display records that have digital images

Please try again.

I was wondering if they were restricted to users within the US since I'm in Europe.
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It seems they have blocked MeFi as a referer. :(
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It's not just a referrer thing. Copy and pasting the URL into a different web browser get me the same. I'm in Canada.
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