The twisted animation of David Firth.
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"I'm having a little get together with some of my friends...." I found this bizarre and disturbing little flash-movie a few months ago. The first link is actually the second installment in what is now five episodes. There's more (including the first through the fifth) on his site. The music is phenomenal- bits of spookiness from sigur ros and aphex twin. When you're all done, there's an interview with the author regarding Salad Fingers here. People are still trying to figure out exactly who the character is and where he's from. If you look and listen carefully, there are literary references, anagrammed names, etc. If you liked Salad, you might also like "Hell"(non-flash)
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Here I'm left wondering what will replace flash animation...
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ranch goes great with salad fingers!
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Jesus fucking christ. Thanks for giving me nightmares forever, exlotuseater.
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I know I saw it listed at Weebls-Stuff, but I didn't watch it for whatever reason until now. Thank you?
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sorry, Tlogmer. perhaps I should have put the caveat "bizarre and disturbing" in bold. forgive me, it's my first post.
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Don't worry about it; that was (attemptedly) tongue-in-cheek. (Anyway, misunderstood ultra-obscure irony in your first post's comments == mefi baptism.)
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Also the hilarious parody of salad fingers:

banana fingers
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Salad Fingers is great. I also like his Burnt Face Man.
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(Good one, Plinko.)

Thanks exlotuseater, rather enjoying this.

Let's not forget the fantastic Boards of Canada and their website (warning: shockwave v10, brilliant website). Their music features in various episodes of Salad Fingers and is well worth investigating - unless you're particularly suspicious of backwards-recorded references to the devil.
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I rather prefer Burnt Face Man, partly because it's that time of night when Salad Fingers could conceivably give me nightmares, but partly because non-sequitur crime-fighting rox my sox.
The crime-inal fellow gave BFM a SHORYUKEN, did he not? ... Nice.
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I sent a link to salad fingers to a friend over MSN not realizing she had just recently eaten some mushrooms...

I'm a bad person.
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Who the hell makes walk-in ovens these days, anyway?
[this is creepy]
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Check out the Fat-Pie episodes from the same guy. They're based on the town that both I and him come from.
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I was turned on to Saladfingers about a month ago. Totally awesome!! Someone at FOX should give him a 1/2 hour show. Comedy Central? Cartoon network? (Adult Swim)?

I like it when the red water comes out......

All four shorts are very worth a watch.

Someone has gifted us with a grubby tap.
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I was marvelling over the oddness of Salad Fingers, but then I tried out the Milkman cartoon on the same site.

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I like it when the "red water" comes out... and when he starts speaking Spanish... and I liked his voicing and the animation. Only part that scared me was in the meat locker. Poor Hubert Cumberdale (?). Nice post!
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did anyone else watch the hell video? what is that from? who did it?
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ah, nevermind, i found it.
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[this is good]
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This gives me the same feeling as listening to a remix of Radiohead's "Climbing up the walls". Spooky -- I love it!
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space cowboy - don't feel bad, I know someone that showed this to some teenage girls the first time they ate shrooms. I guess they handled it fine.

There's a lot of really good stuff on the site. One of my favorites is Scribbler, which is somber/depressing rather than amusing. Apparently he drew it all by hand at first and redrew it in flash later.
Spoilsbury Toast Boy and it's prequel are also quite good.
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