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All-Ages Kirk/Spock Gay Romantic Art Archive. It's a PG-13 romance as old as the Internet itself. Kirk and Spock, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G (mostly SFW)
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Isn't that just precious? I'm not being cynical, I swear.
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I guess I will never figure this out. Every science fiction message board, convention, and web site seems to have some of this Kirk-on-Spock softcore porn.

What's the origin? Why the obsessionfascination with seeing those two particular characters together?
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Just a warning - direct links to the images don't work.

Because, you know, these are so priceless they need to be protected from willy-nilly linking hither and yon or something.
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They work for me, soyjoy. Which is kind of too bad, now that I think about it.
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What's the origin? Why the obsessionfascination with seeing those two particular characters together?

Wikipedia article on slash fiction.

Another article.
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Really? Is it just IE, or am I the only one getting this message -
    Hey-- Our technical assistant, Hypatia, has this site configured so that most other servers can't directly link to an image stored on our site. This is because we have to pay for bandwidth. If you type in the address of the graphic again and press Enter, it should load properly. Thanks, ~Farfalla, Hypatia, and the rest of the AAK/SA crew

If so, maybe someone should inform Hypatia.
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[soyjoy: I assume it's checking the referer [sic] value. If there's no referer (e.g., if you put your cursor in the location box and hit enter), the image displays fine.]
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Forgive me for belaboring the obvious, but: Emotional attachments are illogical.....
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Why the obsession?

It's as old as narrative itself. There are any number of ribald commentaries or lampoons of "sacred" texts dating back thousands of years.

More recently, people have even begun to publish books on the subject of genre fiddling: Nasa/Trek: Popular Science and Sex in America.
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fantastic, i had just identified shatner and nimoy as two of my role models and i was looking for inspirational posters for my room, and plus, most of my role models happen to be bisexuals!... also i was going to start collecting fan fiction, youppi!
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also check this sci-fi / western crossover art book, theres some good star trek stuff in here
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It's been done with Lord of the Rings, too...(NSFW) But these hobbits and elves seem a bit naughtier.
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GleepGlop -- that book is what actually made me stumble across this link in the first place! I was searching for work by Isabel Samaras. (Particularly, this piece).
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Slash fiction is way older than the Internet. It used to be published in dead-tree zines and chapbooks.
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This isn't really all that far beyond the pale. I remember reading the novelization of the first Star Trek movie when I was a kid. The first few pages had an extended soliloquy by Spock meditating on the eros of his relationship with Kirk. Being about nine and not gay, I was pretty indifferent to it. But I do remember thinking that there was a lot more going on in the TV show than I'd realized.
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In addition to the classic Kirk slash Spock fanfic, nothing wrong with a bit of Janeway/Seven of Nine femslash.
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the cycle of life is complete, Robot Johnny - for now... but we must always look away... to the future.
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Damnit jim I'm a doctor not an alterboy!
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Nothing beats Wario/Waluigi yaoi art, though.

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