Dove possiamo sentire l'opera?
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After a three-year absence and $108 million in renovations, Europe's premier grand dame of opera houses, Milan's Teatro alla Scala, will reopen on December 7, 2004. The honor of the opening night opera has been delegated to Antonio Salieri through his obscure opera-ballet Europa Riconosciuta, which is the very same opera that inaugurated La Scala's first season in 1778, and has not been performed in 226 years.
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well, there's no polite way to say it: I'm going. and you're not.
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Damn you, matteo! Damn you to hell!

Or, as a bystander once said,
Che ceffo disperato!
Che gesti da dannato!
Che gridi, che lamenti!
Come mi fa terror!
*exit stage right, seething with jealousy*
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Leporello, er, languagehat: best scene ever!
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ex cathedra parlo
ma tali litigi finiscano qua

even if my hair isn't gray. yet.
interestingly enough, since the building was bombed and heavily damaged by Allied forces in August 1943, it had never been rebuilt properly. because there just wasn't time -- nor money -- after the war to remove most of the rubble. the rubble had just been buried underneath the theatre. now, it has finally all been removed, and the theatre sounds way better because of that. the mighty Higini Arau is the guy behind the new acoustics. I'll report after la prima.

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I like how its first opera will be by Salieri. Take that Mozart! 'Mediocrities everywhere... I absolve you. I absolve you. I absolve you. I absolve you. I absolve you all.'
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the rivalries in europe never really die.

those familiar with classical music know that Muti's remark is, for the business' standards, almost a love letter. if you think MetaFilter's snarky, try that racket. I mean, compare Muti's dry remark with the Wiener refusing to work with poor Sinopoli because they insisted he had once lost his way in a score (a terrible, cowardly smear -- especially against a not-ultra-technically-proficient conductor like him. nobody in the modern era understood Mahler, Bruckner, Strauss like Sinopoli did)...
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matteo, i seriously thought you were joking about attending the premier. Was your ticket expensive? I'm extremely excited for you! I was in Milan this past June, but the theater was completely covered in scaffolding and tarps. However, we did visit the La Scala museum across from Santa Maria della Grazie, which was fabulous. I can’t wait to hear the reviews...
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nice post. (correcting italics too)
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expensive? no, 10 bucks actually. I traded 2 MeFi memberships for 2 tickets. the poor sucker didn't know that Matt had just re-opened the gates! hahahahaha.
no, seriously: naxo, if you can read Italian I'll be happy to send over reviews and stuff. Salieri sounds interesting in a.. well, more-interesting-than-memorable way. but the re-opening in itself will be memorable enough, I'm sure.
I've just re-read Verri's review of the original show and, well, did Verri ripped Salieri another one! so much for old-time manners.
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io capisco un po' l'italiano :( But thanks anyway. i don't mind salieri, as i even took part of my mefi pseudonym (axur) from his opera Axur, re d'Ormus. I've never heard any of his operas live (nor anything from Muti for that matter), so enjoy!
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Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Matteo! I've been clicking on that damn 'new user' link for about a year now - I might have missed the opening of the hallowed portal but for you.

Now I have to build up the courage to actually post something instead of just being able to curse MeFi when I found something.
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new photos from inside La Scala

surfdad2, then you owe me a ticket to La Scala, too
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and naxos, next time you're around, send me an email, we'll go out per un caffè
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Eat *THAT*, Mozart!
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matteo, thank you for linking the pictures of the renovations. It is stunning....and mille grazie for the invitation...although, mi piace un cappuccino!
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*whimper* matteo - any gossip on why La Fracci is no longer the ballet director at La Scala, moving instead to l'Opera di Roma? I know she wasn't quite happy with the rennovations and that she's no stranger to brouhahas...??? My Googling skills in Italian are horrific.
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