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drew*#*#^*# - among the few sites about which I wax nostalgic, drew was one of the first really hilarious (imo) inter-net sites I discovered. Unfortunately, the site has become defunct (for the most part), but that's why God made the Wayback Machine, which allows you to view the past archives. Besides his various writings (including an unfinished novel entitled Temp Jobbin'), he gained relative internet stardom for his lego porn site, which due to litigation he had to change to block-structure porn. He also popularized Domokun and received a great deal of hate for his instructions on how to kill squirrels with electricity. He even took the time to register Lately drew has been writing for .net magazine and drawing and sellings images through toothpaste for dinner. drew doesn't suit your taste? Perhaps you'd like other dumbrella member sites including diesel sweeties and exploding dog.
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Nice. I hadn't made the connection between a few of those things listed (especially between Toothpaste and, well, everything else). My former manager used to regularly wave a little sign with this one at people who came into his office and jumped right into their long story about whatever. Now that I think about it, that might have some value in the grey.
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[drew is good]
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One of the most useful tidbits of information I ever learned came from Drew's site lo these many years ago:

Homeless shelter food does NOT mix well with malt liquor.
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This reminds me: I wish Kibo would update his site. It was one of the first sites (along with Suck) that struck me as something unique and weird about the internet.
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Damn fine post.

It did not occur to me that this was either being posted by a newcomere nor by someone who thought we hadn't heard of the Wayback Machine. Just someone who actually thought about adding that extra bit of content and linkage to their post, which a lot of us could learn from.
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It needs to be pointed out that Diesel Sweeties is the sexy, pixellated brainchild of our very own clango.
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Checking out 'toothpaste for dinner' (which I found through an earlier mefi post) is part of my morning ritual. I had no idea Drew had any of these other projects.
Thanks, Frankieist!
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I don't think drew is associated with dumbrella.
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he used to be.
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paul_smatatoes: I believe Kibo does update the Raw Data section of his site, and the Special Show and Spot & Einstein stories.
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He used to be indeed. Maybe it's time for a heart-warming Christmas Episode of Dumbrella where Mefi brings us all back together with a mug of hot cocoa?
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Oh man, I love Drew. I think of him whenever I drink too much coffee, suffer wrist pain from computer use, or see squirrels. (I quite like squirrels, especially the giant fat fearless ones in my neighborhood, so my squirrel/Drew association usually goes something like "I'll bet if that web guy Drew tried to kill this squirrel, this squirrel would summon his fat fearless squirrel buddies and that take the motherfucker down." Still, there is love.)
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Drew is of course the MOST rad. While toothpaste kicks the proverbial ass, I often find myself wishing that his daily 500 words were still with us. Let us take this moment to pledge our lives toward the defeat of wrist hurt disease! It has taken too many already.

Also! Do not forget drew's contributions to Songfight, a site which is another founding member of the Dumbrella cabal.

While on the subject of Dumbrella defectors: do you read the Achewood? You ought to begin at the beginning if you haven't previously. Drew even drew a guest strip once.

And back to the subject of Drew's musical excursions, I recommend The Floor is Made of Lava. That is as drew. I have the common decency not to mention his incredibly famous musical alter-ego, through which several influential rekkids have been released. You who know too, please keep a lid on.
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Yes, that's a good Drew. Similarly, the other Drew.
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Good stuff. I simulatneously think that Domokun are the cutest and the most frightening thing I have even seen. Nice to be reminded of them
posted by doozer_ex_machina at 2:48 AM on December 14, 2004 is absolutely brilliant.
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