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Wladimir Kaminer represents an emerging Russo-German culture. He is a DJ spinning Russian wild ska-punk club music, he is a radio talk-show host, the author of several best-selling books depicting the life of Russian immigrants in Germany, and a sort of good-humored emblem of the emerging hybrid culture of Berlin. In a fascinating interview, he reveals post Soviet Russia, and Russian lives and literature in the West; you can read his stories, Paris Lost, and Animal Transport, and the usual overview of his works and of his significance, in the NYT Books section.
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Kaminer's musical and cultural sensibility reminds me of the electronic-gypsy-punk-dancehall-disco-radical-transglobal spinnings of DJ Hutz (sorry, don't know how to do the ASCII umlaut), also known as the lead man in NY-based Gogol Bordello. There's got to be a name for the genre. I just don't know what it is yet.
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There's got to be a name for the genre. I just don't know what it is yet.

How 'bout "Teutonica"?

/as you were
posted by Alt F4 at 9:58 PM on December 24, 2004

Ain't it called russendisko?
posted by Tomatillo at 11:00 PM on December 24, 2004

Tomatillo, that's a cool site- thanks!
posted by small_ruminant at 12:50 AM on December 25, 2004

The Soul of Black Country? Well shit man, I'll be darned.
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