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Complexification Jared Tarbell 's summer update to the gallery is the most mesmerizing example of computer generated art I"ve ever seen forming on my monitor.The Sand Traveler is a rendering of 1,000 traveling particles, each in pursuit of another. Over time, patterns of travel are exposed as sweeping paths of color.
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One final variation simply rotates the sand stroke 90 degrees, painting color perpendicular to the actual point-to-point connection. This is by far the most irregular of all the Sand Traveler variations, producing structures that almost seem nervously alive.
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I like the node garden.

This is good, hortense, thank you!
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Wow. These are buh-yooo-teeful. I wish I could hang about 20 of these on my wall. (Thanks for the link!)
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Before clicking on the link I groaned to myself, great, more digital "art", but wow -- this is stunning.
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absolutely incredible find, hortense. thanks!
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Right purty.
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Thanks for this, hortense, great link!
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I think mathematically generated images like this lie somewhere between art and natural beauty, but there's no doubt they are beautiful. Thanks.
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Great stuff.
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Very cool. For some reason, Substrate makes me think of Frank Lloyd Wright.
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Jared is my hero. More of his work can be found at
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Wow, fantastic images.
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[this is very good]
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Holy Pixel! Best of the Web! Why have I never heard of this Jared Tarbell before?

(hours later)

I particularly enjoyed his elegant presentation on Hatching Computational Creatures (Warning: the above page only really works (for me) in IE, not in Firefox. Also, examples open full-screen, which is lovely, except then I can't close them without killing IE, and they use up a lot of (my old) PC's computes. Still, it's so cool I don't care.) It marked the first time this longtime Flash-hater actually felt like learning Flash (one of the rare times I see source, too, but: what is a .fla? how do I open it? do I need to buy something to program this?) (Addendum: I still mostly hate Flash, okay?)

Interviewer: Is there any overall message trying to get out?
Jared: Computer Science is fun.

In my random clicking, I especially liked Quarter Round Mosaic and Invader Fractal. Oh, and Combinatoric Critters! Also: Moonlight Midi Music visualization. More pretty patterns.
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Complexity is pretty. This is good.
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