Old Tokyo
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Old Tokyo. Photographs from the early decades of the twentieth century.
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Wonderful! I love stuff like this.
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Very nice, cheers plep!
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... another jewel from plep, thanks!
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Lovely. Thanks plep.
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I still can't believe they knocked down Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel. It looks fantastic. Though it seems it was another high maintenance Wright building which looked great but eventually became quite unlivable.

It surprises me how wide the streets are in these postcards. There are even trees lining the main street in Ginza! These Western districts seem very planned and orderly compared to the mishmash of traditional Japan.

While it is a shame than Tokyo is so cavalier in its destruction of the old, I'm continuously surprised at the things which do remain intact; you often stumble across little shopping alleys and houses squeezed between office buildings which have somehow managed to survive.
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Interesting to look at these hand-colored images alongside cherry blossom photos, a lesson in pink, memory, and retailing.

Thank you.
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[?? ??????? miraculous; wonderful]
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thanks! great post. a japan i will never know, but able to make me miss japan nevertheless.
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Damn this is a good link.
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Really really good link. Thank you!
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