The Portable Cellphone Booth
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The Portable Cellphone Booth (imbedded .mov)
posted by johnj (8 comments total)
Legislation should be passed to make these mandatory.

posted by Balisong at 8:47 AM on January 3, 2005

I want those minutes back...worthless.
posted by 1016 at 8:49 AM on January 3, 2005

Funny concept (for a couple of seconds, I suppose), but what a terribly edited video.
posted by jimmy at 8:57 AM on January 3, 2005

Well, I liked it, but then I hate cell phones.
posted by spock at 9:08 AM on January 3, 2005

Exactly, jimmy. Waaaaay too long, with no payoff.
posted by 1016 at 9:10 AM on January 3, 2005

Too long, no payoff, AND from 2002 (like, 20 netyears ago)...

And yet I still want one for my own culture pranking. Damn.

Also: Would have been much cooler if the artist had made free DIY construction plans available along with the video. As it stands, it seems to be a fairly transparent attempt to get his name out there.
posted by sfslim at 10:28 AM on January 3, 2005

Some restaurants are starting to put in cellphone booths in lobbies and other out of the way places - let's hope it catches on.

On a side note, I just spent two weeks in Vienna and in various parts of the Czech Republic. Mobile phone use seems much more rampant there. In every cafe, coffee house and restaurant I was in there seemed to be no problem with people taking calls right at the table. Much more than in the states.
posted by Qubit at 10:59 AM on January 3, 2005

Yeh, that video dragged on way long. But I enjoyed watching the conversion from flat backpack item to box every time it happened. (it didnt happen enough, tho)
posted by FeetOfClay at 9:20 AM on January 7, 2005

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