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These days the kids have all the fashion fun. Pottymouth baby tees, baby tees with bling, and even last years poncho fad is covered. Back in my day the shirts didn't get any funnier than my "made in Germany".
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Nappy Head have some awful cheese, but a couple of good ones too. I like the "sleep is for the weak" and "can't DJ" designs.
posted by bifter at 6:03 AM on January 7, 2005

Part of the fun of having an infant is dressing it. I loved dressing my daughter in tiny berets, black turtle necks, and plaid skirts.
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Bifter: You're right on the cheese (that was painful!), but I like the Can't DJ and Oldskool t-shirts.
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I bet, I've been blessed with a niece, all the fun dressup and no mess. I dig the Made From Recycled Genetic Material shirt here. Bought her a bib that read "cereal killer" and a pair of pirate-flag shoes so kyooot.
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Oh god, I just saw the tuxedo-bib at bifters link. *snort* heehee.
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Dabitch: That "Made from Recycled Genetic Material" shirt may be the first baby shirt I've ever seen that I think just rocks, and they have the shirts that I've always thought would be great for babies: the male and female symbol shirts.
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heh, these are cute...and I have a profusion of babies in my life lately - these things seem to come in waves.

Great finds, thanks. And you can always start your kids off on the furry lifestyle.
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That snow-monkey costume is cute!
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My favorite baby clothes (well at least my favorite funny baby clothes) come from T-Shirt Hell (possibly NSFW). My favorite of the baby clothes there being "Daddy Drinks Because I Cry". You can rest assured that my sister will be getting one of those at the end of the month when she pops out her little critter.

And because I'm an Ani Difranco fan, I shall also be picking up a Righteous Baby outfit. Gotta love the phrase "squirmer, babbler, burper, freak".
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i love these....i started making iron on shirts for my little one (but finding 12 m tees is hard) then this xmas made sweatshirts for all her cousins. i do some designs on my own and ..ummm...borrow some from some of these sites. Sorry.

starts designing more for the lil one today....
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Oh dear madamjujujive, rrraouw says the tiger! I can't decide if those are insane or adorable or both.
Wonder how kids brought up in t-shirt hell will dress like when they're teens? ;)
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I made a tee shirt for my nephew [Warning: Too Cute For Work] that says "FRONT TOWARD ENEMY" like on a M-81 claymore. Because he vomits. Heh.
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I've never quite understood the perception of child-as-doll. But whatever floats your boat.
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potty pooper.
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there's also nippaz with attitude
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Not to be a downer, but I guess I am the old one who is saddened by people dressing their babies in trendy clothes.

I try to allow my kid to be a kid for as long as possible. I don't want my infant to run around in trashy crude t shirts or hip clothes or middy shirts or mini skirts...I think it takes away from her being a kid. I didn't start caring about fashion for a long time and I think that allowed me to be a kid for longer. She will care about fashion eventually, why force it on her now? There are so many more important things, and teaching kids that "looking good and trendy" is important at such a young age...well, I don't think that's a good thing.

She goes around in onesies and overalls, comfy and adorable. She may be unhip, but she's only one year old. She doesn't need to be "hip."
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I'm pretty sure this one will be purchased by someone for the baby shower we should be having for #1 [soon].
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oh, aacheson, that's very principled and probably a good attitude for a Mom, but, heh, I'm an auntie - I am going for the bling.
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I was ready not to like this, but I had to admit, "I Just Shit My Pants (It's good to be a baby)" Cracked me up. Good timing on this link, my wife is spawning our new critter in March! The bling-ware from FPP will probably find it's way into his dresser, as it was designed by a schoolmate of mine, the lovely and talented Maya Hayuk.
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Aacheson: I agree with you in principle, but we're talking about clothes from when kids are too young to make their own buying decisions. Which means parents are making the buying decision. And the only taste guidelines in that case are the parents' tastes. I don't want my kid to gain a fashion fixation when they're young, but I'm not too worried about a one year old picking up a fashion fixation, and if I'm confronted with the choice between buying a shirt I like for the kid or a shirt that I don't care about one way or the other, I'll probably buy the shirt I like.

I think that's all this phenomenon is. Without kid input, parental tastes, fabric quality, and cost are the only parameters on which to base purchasing decisions. If costs are low and fabric is identical, it just comes down to parental tastes. The only way you can avoid dressing your kid up in accordance to your tastes is to close your eyes and pick stuff off the shelf or ask relatives and friends to buy the clothes so you have no input.
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Oh, why was I not reading MeFi last Friday? Infantile is my company and it's a thrill to be in a FPP. I don't know if anyone is still reading this thread, but... Thanks everybody!
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Funny - it seems nearly all nice things on the web are related to some Mefioso or another...... :) Nice shirts redshifter!
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