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The city of Austria was saved from invasion by pretzel-making monks. The first pickles may have been pickled in India, circa 3000 BC. The hush puppy may have originally been made with deep-fried lizard. Learn all manner of food lore with the Food Timeline!
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The city of Austria?
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The city of Austria?

Heh. Sorry, it should read "Vienna, Austria." I'm not that bad at geography! :)
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The same legend is told about the rise of the croissant, that the bakers of Vienna were up early and saved the city when they heard the digging. They were rewarded by being allowed to make a new kind of celebratory bread, which is when they invented the croissant, shaped like the curved swords of the invaders to remind people of the victory. Bernard Clayton among others, has published this legend.
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"Pickle...The origin of the obscure..."
---A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food, K.T. Achaya [Oxford University Press:Delhi] 1998 (p. 186)

In Dutch "pekel" is an older word for salt. The derivation pekel > pickle seems logical.
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I just find it hard to swallow that goats are placed in the timeline at 9000 BC, cattle at 6500 BC, and milk doesn't show up until 5000 BC. I'm thinking that someone tried goat milk within the first few years of having one close to home.
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Could be that people didn't keep producing lactase into adulthood until a significant amount of exposure with domesticated mammals had transpired, Crackerbelly.
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OmieWise: Legend is told about the rise of the croissant.

I have heard this story told in Vienna.
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