Civil War Maps
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Civil War Maps The Library of Congress just published an online collection of approximately 2,240 Civil War maps, with information about the collection and a History of Mapping the Civil War.
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i'm still looking for a way to get a big jpg without using the viewer. ...anybody?
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It's neat how the south named battles after towns (Manassas, Sharpsburg) and the north named them after geographic features, usually rivers (Bull Run, Antietam).

Cool links.
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This is cool.
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Blessings upon you and the people who put these online.
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Great stuff, thanks for pointing it out. If you have the chance these are worth viewing in the Mr. Sid format. There is an IE plugin available available from Lizard Tech, there are also plugins for other image editors and a couple of freestanding applications out there (self-link).
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I couldn't get the plug-in to work, but I want to get the battlefield map of Atlanta with the current roads drawn over it. As Lewis Grizzard used to say, "After they burned Atlanta, the Yankees were headed out of town on I-20..."
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