October 27, 2000
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Your-anus doesn't have the most moon anymore, Saturn does. 22. haha.
posted by tiaka (5 comments total)
Ooops. Thanks for the e-mail.

the real link
posted by tiaka at 6:46 AM on October 27, 2000

Huh huh. You said "your anus". huh huh, huh huh.
posted by PWA_BadBoy at 6:59 AM on October 27, 2000

Yep. I'm smart that way.
posted by tiaka at 7:03 AM on October 27, 2000

"They are probably tiny, the team at Cornell University in New York say -- between 6 and 30 miles across. " -- That's some big ass anus!
posted by chiXy at 7:06 AM on October 27, 2000

no, those are saturn's moons. Anyway, I'm sure 'yomamas anus is a lot bigger, OOOOOHHHHH - BOOOYYYYAAAAA!' haha.
posted by tiaka at 7:46 AM on October 27, 2000

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