A Green Flash from the Sun
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A Green Flash from the Sun - I always thought this was a myth, but if NASA says it's true... (and I believe everything I read).
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You probably won't get much of a discussion thread, but I really appreciate it when people post links to beautiful/awe-inspiring images.


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You're welcome (all) , there's some pretty amazing stuff in the archive that contains the above page - you just have to wade through some fairly obtuse astronomical references sometimes.

Maybe I should have put the word "Nader" in the post to get more traffic ;)
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yeah, this is real. not sure about what this image references(i guess i could read the caption, eh?) but it is a phenomenon that happens very infrequently and only under certain auspicious conditions. what conditions you ask?? i don't know.

there is a restuarant on the beach in san dieg'bro'(california, for you non-sunworshipping types) called *surprise!* The Green Flash. apparently, once in a great while, just as the sun drops below the horizon line, the tiniest portion of the top of the sun creates a brief green flash across the horizon line. the restuarant has a great deck where, presumably, one could see this happen. though, i guess you don't really have to be at the restuarant to see it.....
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Just follow the links... Lots more great pictures of green flashes and blue flashes...
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I thought a green flash was what sailors were supposed to see (very rarely) when the sun set below a watery horizon and for just a second the beams of the sun travelled through the green ocean waters.
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I saw a green flash during sunset when I was in Hawaii. It's pretty common, but it's really quick.
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Some great pics in that archive link you gave....
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Nader, eh? A momentary flash-in-the-pan... has no real lasting impact but is met with much fanfare... hmm, maybe so then!

[The above opinion is not necessarily my own, but is merely part of the ongoing effort to have all MeFi threads converge to high levels of Naderness.]
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I guess the law of all threads point to powazek is temporarily suspended during the election process?

There's quite the controversy surrounding these green flashes. I love stumbling across little unresolved (though greatly theorized upon) mysteries of science. This is a great link!
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I've seen the green flash once, it was pretty cool! I was at the top of a hill in Austin, in my car, slowing down so I wouldn't miss it and trying to make sure no one was coming up behind me about to smash into me.

I was surprised, since it was over trees instead of water, which is where it's more typically seen, I think.

There's a French movie called "Le Rayon Vert" (The Green Ray) that I saw some years ago, it goes into this a bit. That's where I first heard of it. According to the movie, it's supposed to be a good luck thing, to see it.

I hope to see it again someday...
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The sun's just got a cold. Filled with snot. Thas' all. No biggie.

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