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BFXProject2 Living and working in the dirty underbelly of the mega city Metropia, Beth and her party of urban couriers live out their days under the thumb of their clients. Their routine lives take a turn for the worst after a life-altering incident involving local metaphine traffickers, guns and killing, occurs. Events continue to spiral out of control as Beth and her party desperately fight back to stay alive while, at the same time, finding themselves sinking deeper and deeper into the murky depths or metropia's shadows. Will they ever see light again?
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No mention of the other current comic, Bishop the bounty hunter? They're both decent cyberpunkish comics updated on Wednesday each week. The same people did the BFXProject series. The art's skillful enough, but the stories weren't great last time around - stylish and nothing stupid, but not outstanding. It uses Flash to show the pages, but they also have a soundtrack panel with various looping songs that almost makes up for it.
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Looks like the site is swamped. I started reading the Tak comics before pages stopped loading and the figure drawings were very well done, if made somewhat bland by all the muted greys. The story so far hasn't been very interesting, but maybe it gets better. I wish there were as many good comic writers out there as there seem to be good comic artists.
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I liked it better the first time...
when it was Gibson's "Virtual Light"
(forgive the snark on my very first p.ost )
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I like it. And I know how hard it is to create something and put it up, knowing you're probably not gonna make much (if any) money off it...and opening yourself up for criticism from people who can't/won't do the same.
It's not groundbreaking, but why does it have to be?
Very few people are lucky enough to get it right the first time out of the gate - they have to work up to it.

Some slack will be cut for you, my friends!
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