Vera Drake
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It is such a lonely thing this abortion business Last week on my way back from a biz trip to Nigeria the only movie I hadn't seen was Vera Drake, the story of a 1950's London based backstreet freelance abortionist. Judging from the description it wasn't the kind of movie I'd normally take in (I'm more an Aliens, Sex & Violence kinda guy), but I was glad that I did watch it and I'll purchase the DVD when it comes out. I guess living in New York (thirteen years) and London (going on eight years) has made me a little naive about the struggle and prone to take these things for granted, but holy cow the things women had to go through in those days. Absolutely unbelievable! It doesn't hurt that Vera Drake won a couple of best film awards this week either. Oh, and most of the pages I've read seem to believe that the treatment she administered would kill the patient.
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This is one of those poorly disguised ads, isn't it? I keep reading about them, but this is the first one I've encountered! How exciting!
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that movies sounds like it would go great with a nice, clean, crisp pepsi blue.
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