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Twelve Days Of Christmas : as sung and customised by the cast of Twin Peaks circa 1990. A disturbing new addition to your 2005 Halloween party mix! Note distinct lack of Lynchian subversiveness. via The Morning News
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*checks calendar*
Damn, I need to take down that tree.
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I haven't thought about Twin Peaks in years, and just yesterday I was explaining it to someone who had never seen the show. Now this.

I still think this was one of the best TV shows of all time. Even though it did actually jump the shark near the end.
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I borrowed my brother-in-law's first season of Twin Peaks on DVD not too long ago, beause it had been ages since I'd watched it and found myself talking to myself as if I were Dale Cooper talking to Diane. the owls are not what they seem, indeed.
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They could have backed Julee Cruise's 'Falling' with this for a double AA side chart stormer. Or something.
I still have a twin peaks novelty rave record.
This music is so dreamy.
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I loved Twin Peaks back in the day. : )
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Not releasing Season 2 on DVD is a crime. Especially with the way that Season 1 ends. I have a group of friends who have not seen anything beyond the first season, and if you've seen TP you know that the "Laura" story arc is nowhere near over at the end of season 1! And of course, the DVDs end in a horrible cliffhanger that we've now hung over for 2.5 years.

There are even 392 "helpful" votes on Amazon for a "review" asking for support for season 2!

Every few months I search again to see if Google knows of any news regarding TP season 2, and I always come up disappointed.

Any way you can find to watch Twin Peaks, do it! It is fabulous. Ideally, start with the pilot, and don't stop at the end of the first season, because there is a LOT more. And don't watch the movie first; if anything, watch it last, and it's not even necessary.

Like everything online, there's even a 20,000-strong petition that won't go anywhere.

A number of years ago Bravo used to air the full season in order; I recorded it once, and it was the best thing I ever recorded. If they ever do that again it might be your best bet in finding all the episodes. They were also available on VHS, you can usually find them at Blockbuster. At least, when Blockbuster had a good VHS section... that might have been a while ago too.
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I'm currently showing Twin Peaks to my S.O. and can't show him this list because we've just gotten to the end of season 1 and this references "drooling Leos." DAMMIT.
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Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song, and there's always music
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I'd love to the cast of Carnivale come a Wassail'n by my door.
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Oh shit, triple post. Um, drstupid: you can get bootleg spanish copies on Ebay for under $100 if you're careful. If it's worth it to you, it's worth it to you. If not, not.
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Actually, from...uh...what I've...uh...read
You can find these things online called...uh..."torrents"
Possibly there could be a...couple of seasons online...
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I just started watching Twin Peaks for the first time after renting it from Netflix. I'm really enjoying it, but it's maddening that I can't get any info about it online (most FAQs talk about who killed Laura Palmer every 8 seconds).

The first episode of the show starts with "Previously on Twin Peaks", which I gather is because there was a two hour pilot which is unavailable on DVD except for excessively priced copies on EBay and the British version, which apparently ends with the revelation of who killed Laura Palmer (since the pilot was sold as a movie, and thus had to have an ending).

Do I need to see the pilot to press forward?
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I first watched twin peaks in reruns on bravo several years ago when I was totally sick with mono. Imagine, over the course of a week or two, sleeping nearly 23 hours a day and waking just long enough to eat and catch an episode of TP. I wasn't sure where my delirium ended and the show began. Dancing midgets, log ladies, benevolent giants, one-armed men, donut and coffee fetishes, one eyed jack's? Maybe it was all just a dream.
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Holy cow, that's great. Thanks.
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Not releasing Season 2 on DVD is a crime.

Season 2 is coming, supposedly with new transfers.
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graventy, your post is clearly the best thing that will happen to me today, and possibly this week. Seriously, thanks. That's awesome.

unsupervised, you don't need the pilot, but boy it's really good. It's not like the pilot episode of a sitcom. There are plot points that happen in the pilot that are never shown again. If there is any way you can find the pilot, watch it. It is not difficult to find online.

It may come out in the pilot who killed Laura, but the story is by no means revealed in the pilot and it will certainly not ruin anything for you. And it's not the ending that's important, but the journey! And the journey starts with the pilot...

On preview, PinkStainless - awesome, thanks. That's the only good word I've read about the season 2 DVDs in years!
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It's too bad the show failed, it's why broadcast television can't have nice things. I don't know why HBO or even Showtime hasn't signed Lynch to a deal, they would be perfect for each other.
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unsupervised: I got a Region 0 copy of the unedited pilot on eBay sometime back. In the pilot as it is originally aired, Laura Palmer's killer is not revealed.

There's a point in the Twin Peaks "movie" at which you can pause it and remove the tape from the player, having accurately recreated the experience of watching the pilot--unfortunately, I've forgotten what point that is.

I would argue that you most definitely need the pilot in order to enjoy the series fully.
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I good buddy of mine got the complete VHS set back in college. Good times, good times. I recently tried to find copies online - most of them seem to be TV captures from some Northern European country.

... and PinkStainlessTail that *is* indeed good news ^_^
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The real US television pilot is available on ebay for $15. DO NOT GET THE EUROPEAN PILOT. IT TRIES TO WRAP EVERYTHING UP IN TWO HOURS. And the last half hour is fucking ridiculously lame.
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Theres a good explanation of the 'European' version thing on the Twin Peaks FAQ including a description of when to switch off. Ah - reminds me of the good ol' days on alt.tv.twin-peaks.
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Eb dluow ti thguoht I naht relooc hcum saw taht, nam ho!
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But ... how's Annie?
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I managed to find the whole series on Kazaa a few years ago, including the non-revealing pilot. Though I seriously doubt one still could ...
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I had a crush on the lovely Joan Chen.
Great series. Anyone else here get the "Laura Palmer's Diary" book? :)
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On the urging of Prospero I sought out the non-revealing Twin Peaks Pilot and it just so happens it was recently posted on alt.binaries.movies.divx. Just finished watching it. That mother sure knows how to scream.
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I not only have the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, I have the Autobiography of Dale Cooper and the Diane tapes.
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