Pens! Pens! Pens!
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Penopoly- a fountain pen website. Fans of pens, a history of pens, vintage pens, anatomy of a pen, pens, pens, PENS!
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See also Glenn's pen page, Commentaries on Cheap Pens, Pendemonium, Pen Lovers, Vintage Pens. (Some commercial content, but I think I've limited myself to sites with worthwhile info.)
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I've heard that there's even an island where they make pens.
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Just when I decided against posting a huge pictorial expose about goat-screwing in the U.K., I return to find MORE F_____G PENS!!! God please, there must be a more dignified way for metafilter to die.

(Seriously, the Pen thing is killing me, could you possibly post such inane crap elsewhere? Really.)
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My pen!
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Two pen posts in one day? I guess the pen is, in fact, mightier! (I bet that joke was made in the other thread... *sigh*)
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(PS. By "joke" I am, of course, referring to the [in]famous SNL Jeopardy skit when "Sean Connery" misread a category name as "The Penis Mightier.")
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I must also add to the pen list with, which is a really great pen site with an easily accessible gallery of images that click through for extra nice detail pages, plus great articles (see this feature on the tasty Élysée cloisonné editions, or this about the Recife Andy Warhol Mona Lisa edition, for example), plus related vintage advertising images for different manufacturers. (Note that these image files are in a directory called "Ads", and have "ad" in their names, so you may need to turn off blocking to see them.)

There's also a 3-part article on the Parker 51, the instrument that is currently well ahead in the site poll for "best pen of all time".
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Could we do pencils next?
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(By the way, anyone who wants to send me one of these lovely things is more than welcome to!)
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Here you go, fixedgear. I like this one.
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Don't forget Penisland!
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