Fantasy Planes
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Fantasy Planes. Sometimes I think the most interesting airplanes are the ones that never got built
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Excellent, especially Sexos - the BatPlane and the utterly improbable Gyroptere
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This is good, interesting stuff! Thanks growabrain.
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Love this stuff - thanks, growabrain!
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Luft '46 - During WWII, German aircraft designers put forth many aircraft project ideas, which ranged from the practical to the bizarre. Some of these ideas were ahead of their time and reached a more advanced design stage, and even affect aircraft today.
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Hmm, the Gyroptere reminds me of Vedic (?) UFO's and celestial chariots.

Maybe one day someone will cover the Avro Arrow here on the blue.
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I wonder if the crew of 155 includes the barber and the orchestra.

Thanks growabrain - this made me dig up my copy of Yesterday's Tomorrows. Such fun stuff.
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