Paging Father Merrin
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Help Wanted: Exorcist Although I would prefer more Monarch Butterflies, their utility is more visible to me, but perhaps we're just seeing an evolution of the god gene. David Brooks, apparently moving away from his neocon pals, has posted a different help wanted ad while some triumphant right wing Evangelicals are planning a different kind of recruiting.
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I'm tryin', but I don't see the common thread here. Care to enlighten?
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Ha, the burden that seniors are placing on the young! More like the burden the warmongers since World War II are placing on ALL of us. The entire politcal class is crazy!
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You know, if you're going to link to an article that requires registration, the least you could do is give an idea of what it says. I didn't even bother with the rest of the post. I guess it's too cool for me.
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Common thread? Nah.

In the "Help Wanted" link, the writer whines about the Prescription Drug Benefit plan, but I fail to see why the plan is the fault of the seniors, especially considering their years of forced contributions to the system. He fails to recognize that it is merely a good idea BADLY implemented. Seems there's a lot of that going around these days.

It may be just my cynical nature, but when many recent decisions made by the Feddle Gummint are cast as schemes by corporate profiteers intent on looting the Treasury before the Big Collapse, it scares the hell out of me and makes me wonder what they know that we don't.
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As for the god gene post, I have to say that I do believe that spirituality emerges from our consciousness, and I do not doubt that there might be such a gene that enhances ordinary perception. The quantum nature of our brains is being studied more and more. I think it follows that as an extension of the universe our brains manifest the wonder of it all. I think it's the raw amount of quantum, biological, and molecular processes that allow us a holy inference; if a gene can further refine awareness to encompass those things that create perception, well....

Does anyone remember this experiment?
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LH, the only link that I thought required registration was the NY Times and I used the Link Generator to get around that. Anything else I guess I was already logged in via cookies & BugMeNot and missed; you don't really think I would bother to handle the NYT and not others.
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