Ghosts of the Lyric
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The Lyric Theatre, Blacksburg, Virginia, opened in 1930; was closed in 1989 when an eight-screen multiplex opened nearby; and was saved and reopened in the 1996 thanks to community involvement. Take a virtual tour; read about the haunted theatre's ghosts; then play the text adventure.
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plep, as always: awesome!
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not bad ;)
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I currently live about 5 minutes walking distance from the Lyric and go to the films and concerts there pretty regularly. Its amazing, the seats are comfortable, the audiences are always appreciative and attentive. A really great theatre.
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I was a student at Virginia Tech in the late 70's and saw many movies at the Lyric. I remember 1978 fondly: a buddy and I spent one Saturday consuming copious amounts of our favorite herbal preparation and watching The Last Waltz six times in a row.

I'm glad to see the Lyric back in business. Thanks, plep, for the deja vu.
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I took in many great shows at the Lyric, including Princess Mononoke, which may be my all-time favorite, and a midnight showing of The Wall, which I never thought I'd get to see on the big screen. Monday night was free popcorn night, too - can't beat that. Not to mention live music; Del McCoury did one of the best live sets I've ever seen there.

Much love for the Lyric.

T'ain't haunted, though.
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Oh man. One of my fondest childhood delinquent memories was in 10th grade, standing in line to see a midnight show of . . . Heavy Metal? The Wall? . . . it's a misty recollection. Anyway, I remember instigating a donut fight while standing in line with the leftover goods that the donut shop next door had tossed out on the sidewalk and then smoking and drinking some ill-gotten 7-11 alcoholic swill in the balcony. I guess I can see why the place eventually needed renovations.

Oooh. I also remember seeing Dune there. I vividly remember my "What the Fuck" reaction.

I left Blacksburg, gladly and for good, in 1986, but the Lyric brings back some powerful memories. I'm glad they're attracting a better clientele than my former self these days.
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I lived one block from The Lyric up until two months ago. I saw some great shows there, most recently The Frank and Joe Show in December.

It's funny to see The Lyric on Metafilter.
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Wow. Scrolling past the FPPs and catch The Lyric in Blacksburg, Va...screech!!

Lived just up the street (500 Draper...anyone been to those Halloween parties?), and visited The Lyric on a couple of occasions. Nice theater--cozy and comfy seats. And good popcorn. I wish more theaters were like that.

Thanks for the post, plep. :)
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My father got his PhD from Virginia Tech and until this popped up, I had completely forgotten about that theater. I was just a little kid, but we went there with his labmates to watch The Woman In Red. They "snuck" in paper grocery bags full of popcorn seasoned with various things - none of which were salt or butter.

I left Blacksburg when my dad finished his PhD, and I think that was around 1990, but I don't recall much of The Lyric other than that.
More of my memories focus around that donut shop.
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I went to Virginia Tech in the early 90's. They did play a few movies when I was there: midnight showings of The Wall, The Road Warrior, Heavy Metal, etc. The theatre was pretty run down at the time. In my first year, I even took a Poli Sci class in the Lyric. The floor was sticky.

Glad to see it's doing better now.
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My family was in Blacksburg until about '92, and I remember how entirely bummed the whole town was that the old place was shutting down. Jay (nee Joel) Furr, the author of the Ghosts piece, has been a good friend of mine, and he in particular took it pretty personally.

Ah, the memories. Smuggling beer under my Corps-issued field jacket—I'd dropped out by then—to watch the midnight (re-)showings of such greats as This is Spinal Tap and A Clockwork Orange. The only problem with beer, late night showings, and old-style comfortable balcony seats, of course, is that I never saw the endings.
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Loudmax is right. My first viewing of The Wall took place there, in 1990 or '91. I'm told.
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