Really bad day at the office
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Remember that film which spread like wildfire across the net in '98 nicknamed "Bad Day at the Office". It showed an angry office worker bashing his computer? Well the computer is back, and he ain't happy...
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Heh - blatantly an advert, and blatantly artificial, but still pretty amusing...

Was it really back in '98 when the original came out??! I feel old!
posted by Chunder at 6:50 AM on March 4, 2005

Well, I chuckled when the keyboard popped up into his face, but then I knew the monitor was going to fly back at him, but I expected so much more.

* 1/2 out of *****
posted by mic stand at 6:52 AM on March 4, 2005

posted by FormlessOne at 7:34 AM on March 4, 2005

I'd certainly buy a "desktop firewall" via a link that says "When do you need the NetOp Desktop Firewall? Clik here >>"
posted by tpl1212 at 7:39 AM on March 4, 2005

I don't think I ever saw the original movie from 1998. (don't know what hole I must have been in, since I get all the other i-junk out there...)

Anyone have a linkie, or perhaps saved it in their 'Funny Stuff' folder?
posted by Corky at 7:47 AM on March 4, 2005

Sure thing, here is the original bad day.
posted by dabitch at 7:54 AM on March 4, 2005

Not great, but definitely amusing. The "Bad Day at the Office" video was probably one of the first videos I downloaded when I first got a decent net connection, along with the exploding whale newscast and "Troops", all of which I will probably search for and download this weekend for an hour worth of nostalgia.
posted by chickygrrl at 7:56 AM on March 4, 2005

Can you post the link to that exploding whale newscast? Never saw that and it sounds, well, like an exploding whale newscast, which sounds pretty good to me.
posted by dannynewbs at 8:00 AM on March 4, 2005

Meh, kind of telegraphed the whole thing really. And now I'm scared of my monitor, thanks. Luckily its an LCD so it probably wouldn't be able to hurt me too much.
posted by fenriq at 8:04 AM on March 4, 2005

Thanks, dabitch!
posted by Corky at 8:04 AM on March 4, 2005

Ahh...the exploding whale clip. Here is one of the sites hosting it, along with some background information. I must have lost days of my life showing this to everyone I knew. That, and the cat with the ceiling fan, this "Bad Day at the Office" video, Troops....good times, good times.
posted by xorowo at 8:14 AM on March 4, 2005

Wikipedia on the Exploding Whale
posted by Plutor at 8:23 AM on March 4, 2005

aaaah, I though y'all meant that whale on a city street that exploded on it's own, perhaps the Taiwan one mentioned in teh wikipedia. Now that film is funny!
posted by dabitch at 8:32 AM on March 4, 2005

The best part of the exploding whale newscast is the sound of the whale debris falling on the people/cars and the almost total deadpan delivery of the broadcast, if I remember correctly.

And I'd forgotten about the cat and the ceiling fan clip. I'll add that to the list :)
posted by chickygrrl at 9:02 AM on March 4, 2005

Thanks for this, claus, and for the original, dabitch. It's particularly funny for me because the guy who had my day-job before me actually made it to the point of slamming his fist on the desk daily before, despite having a master's degree and tons of work and military experience, he quit to manage a pizza place. Anything to get outta here...

Thanks for the exploding whale too. I'll look for Troops.

The Memory Lane of Video Memes...
posted by Shane at 9:03 AM on March 4, 2005

Well, since we're talking about old video clips, I thought I'd add a link to the "100 Best Video Clips" that I found recently. Good waste of time for a Friday, anyhow.
posted by Daddio at 11:01 AM on March 4, 2005

Okay, Daddio... I'm in big trouble here! There goes the rest of whatever productivity I had for the day! Thanks!
posted by Corky at 1:07 PM on March 4, 2005

Jesus Christ, Daddio...I truly thought that I had seen everything...then I saw some of the videos on that 100 Best Video Clip site and I...I...I...I feel sick......
posted by xorowo at 1:41 PM on March 4, 2005

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